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был онлайн более года назад
ID 98939
Типаж 178 см
109 кг
Черные глаза
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Бакалавр
Работа Network engineer
О себе Стрелец
Не курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 28-42 лет
About me:

Just your average engineer, doing all the manly stuff manly men do...currently completing a build of a new refinery for BP in Whiting,Indiana. Things are slowing down and now I can put some me time in place, I always have time to make a new friend, ... with benefits or not...a good meal is just as good or a night at the local bar. I’m up for anything. Walk in your local park...you name it...I am intelligent, funny, sarcastic...animal lover, have dogs...social drinker...Would love to hear from you...I live in Chicago on the south side near Midway airport...so easily accessible...lol.

What I am seeking...

A voluptuous woman with a dazzling smile and make-out artist for appetizers...lol, else someone technically acute for dynamic conversation, or just brain dead in front of the TV...I can adapt.

My ideal place to live is: Loft in the city

Last bar or nightclub I attended: Studio 63

What’s your favorite restaurant: Olive Garden

My friends describe me as: one of a kind

The celebrity I most resemble is: you tell me...

Last movie I saw was: Gorgo

If I had $1000.00 dollars to blow, I would buy: Clothes for my girl.

My fashion sense can best be described as: Contemporary - not about fashion awards but not a slob either.

My sense of humor tends toward: Witty - Nothing’s better than razor-sharp verbal repartee

When it comes to parties I’d best be described as: Social butterfly

With free time on a day off, I would most enjoy: Catching up on household chores

When it comes to television: Turn to an information channel (DSC, TLC, History) and of course action drama romantic comedies...etc

When it comes to work: I always put in overtime if there ..why not..better than coming home to the TV

I attend religious services: Once a week

My political views: Not really a follower...I don’t make the rules..just follow them...

When it comes to money: I am generous to a fault.

When I’m meeting a friend, I am generally: Right on time

My favorite types of music are: Alternative, Rock, Pop, R&B, Electronic / Techno, Reggae, Jazz, Country & Western, Classical

Lets talk pets:

I have: Dogs

I like but don’t have: Cats, Fish, Reptiles, Birds,

Turn Ons!










Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Location: Chicago, Illinois

South Side Near 47th Western

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Body Type: Average 235lbs

Languages: English

Ethnicity: Native American Crow Indian and Latino / Hispanic

Religion: Christian / Catholic

Education: Bachelors degree BSEEt

Occupation: Technical / Science/ Network Engineering

Income: $80,000 to $95,999

Smoker: Don’t Smoke

Drinker: Drink Socially / Occasionally

Status: Never Married could use a dependent for Taxes...lol

Have Children: No

Want Children: Yes

Once you talk to me you are eager to meet me, once you meet me you will want to get to know me, Once you know me....

Well that is something for you to find out...

Let me know when or if you do...


I am well bred, well grounded, well rounded, well groomed, well educated, and well mannered. Younger than I appear (most of my friends are in their 30?s and 40?s). I’ve grown UP, but not grown OLD, Classy but NOT stuffy, Mature but very young at heart- (sometimes the little boy in me wants to come out and play), Fun-loving but no player, Down to earth, Easy-going but not a push-over, NON judgmental, Strong but not overbearing, Confident but not conceited or arrogant, Worldly (street smart) but VERY spiritual, High-energy but not hyper, Outgoing but a little shy in some situations, Carefree without being careless, Interesting without being self absorbed, Hard-working but not a work-a-holic, Attentive without being smothering,

a People" Person, a Teddy Bear in my personal relationships but a Grizzly Bear in my business dealings, Independent enough to spend time alone. I am a firm believer in "the 4 Ts" Talk, Trust, Touch, Togetherness- AND the 4 C’s Chemistry, Communication, Compatibility, Commitment. Without Chemistry there would be NO Communication, Without Communication there would be NO Compatibility and without Compatibility there would be NO Commitment. No serious relationship can be without them!

I’m very optimistic, caring, and family oriented. In relationships I hope for just one of trust, loyalty, patience, love. I wish to know my others interests and try to support her and wish to reciprocate each others life with love, kisses and smiles every day!

I’m an easy going, nonjudgmental guy who’s looking for new things to try out. I’m your typical free spirit, single and unfettered and roaming the Earth at will.

I’m the type who’s generally considered the go-to guy when there’s a problem. When I’m out driving I feel completely free in my car.

I have had the good fortune of being gifted with a immense cerebral capacity for technology. Which afforded me the option of being many professions, I have a medical background, which allowed me to be a Medical assistant for a Dr. from the Mayo Clinic, at a neighborhood Industrial Clinic, from my training there, I was able to help the wounded in my area gangland assaults as a EMT.

After three years of Medical, I switched interest, and I attended SIU University enrolled in the Electrical Science and Systems Engineering Curriculum BSEE in ESSE.

While attending SIU a was awarded a educational grant for Computer Programming at CLC’s Computer Learning School...for Electronic Data Processing with IBM Mainframes the 4300 series... after graduating this school I went back to SIU to finish My BSEE in Electrical Engineering, After earning my Degree, the advent of electronics was in full swing. So, I enrolled In DeVry University to pursue my BSEEt in Electronic Engineering. Upon Completion,

I was a Math, Physics and Chemistry Teacher Assistant and Tutor At Mayor Daley’s College until I was able to get my first job at M&M Mars corporation, automating the company with robotics... I worked their As a Control Systems Specialist until the robots went On line. Once that happened, I again switched career’s as dictated my the market. With the advent of computers and computer networking...I attended Microhard Technologies School and was awarded my MCSE and CNA in Computer Networking, for the Implementation and designing of computers and networking for fortune 500 companies... which led to various contracts at many prestigious businesses....In the past I have worked for AT&T Telecommunications division on their new UVERSE project of fiber optic infrastructure for delivering high speed internet 25 mbs, Voice and Video service’s through out Illinois.

I am looking for a woman who knows passion, desire, romance and intimacy and knows what to do with it. I look for in a partner the intimacy level. Today the word intimacy has taken on sexual connotations. Nevertheless, it is so much more; it includes all the different dimensions of our lives, the physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects as well. Intimacy means total life sharing. A woman I am looking for is funny, clever, understanding and of course, attractive woman (busty) with whom when I can meet and see that she is the woman of my dream’s (fat chance). Family oriented. Great listener and easy to talk to. Have a smile that makes me think of her all day whenever she is on my mind. And most of all she whose honest, caring, kind, sincere, and have a great sense of humor. I want to be with a woman that I can love, have fun loving her! My perception of an ideal relationship: With a sunny ray of hope I am eager for a clever, kind, busty woman to say: "It’s a match" Alluring eyes, inviting smile, warm heart, optimistic mind, sensual body, committed desire, cook or not its OK...who enjoys tenderness, cuddling and devotion...

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