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Dwayne a.,46-1
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Типаж 180 см
89 кг
Карие глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Разведен, один ребенок
Образование Бакалавр
Работа Retail investment trader
Желаемый возраст избранницы 21-30 лет
О себе Стрелец
Не курю
Не пью

Note: I have lived between Ukraine and London for the last 12 years - my daughter and ex-partner are Russian - Ukrainian.


Important: I will NOT contact (reply to) ladies over 31 years old and DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH ME IF YOU HAVE A CHILD OR CHILDREN. I WILL NOT BE SUPPORTING ANOTHER MAN'S CHILD OR CHILDREN! Also 'Time Wasters' stay away and find something more productive to do with your life. I’m NOT interested in ladies for friends. I’m looking for a beautiful (mind, body & spirit) potential WIFE to be married to. If this is NOT you, it’s better you go for a walk in your local park or watch your favorite television show. If I do not make contact with you, it is because I feel there is NO potential match. Good luck in your search for love!

Age: 21 - 30

Height: 170 cm - 180 cm (minimum height 170 cm)

Status: Single, divorced, widowed

Weight: 55kg - 75kg

Eye Colour: Blue, Green or Grey (NO HAZEL OR BROWN EYES - I have brown eyes!)

Hair: Preferably long, medium long or very long

Other: Non-smoker / Non-alcoholic drinker (socializing acceptable), No Drugs, Clean and organized (important)


Firstly, I’ve NEVER had problems in attracting attractive women, but finding a woman I can fall in LOVE with is a more difficult prospect in a world full of superficial (non-genuine), selfish and egoist women. So if that describes YOU, I’m NOT interested in you. Hence, I make an attempt through this service to find my PRINCESS. I’m a woman’s who’s really sure of what she wants and is deeply in touch (connection) with herself type of man (there should be no space for mistakes concerning this point - if you are not sure what you want and what you can contribute, DO NOT continue reading my profile). I have a compelling desire to complete my happiness through sharing my rich inner world, my inspirations, plans, optimistic ideas and dreams with my chosen woman. I can be devilishly romantic, loving, understanding and caring, reliable, dependable, sincere, very, very passionate in most areas of life (life is very short), easy going, sensual (known for making my woman feel special, sexy, feminine, loved and satisfied), stable character, honest, a good listener, unique, sophisticated, worldly, engaging, warm hearted, flexible, open-minded, helpful, respectful if given respect, LOYAL (very important and expected in return), familial, non-argumentative, non-confrontational, considerate, intimate, supportive, humorous periodically and fun loving most times. I have a very desirous and healthy sex drive (my lady should have a medium to high libido) since I’m a very hands on man, anything less will be an obstacle or problematic to the relationship. I’ll invigorate and keep you on the edge where you should be and satisfy your need for love and strengthen your YIN force. Clinically good sex is part of correct and healthy living. I’m able to take care of my future wife responsibly, emotionally and intellectually. May I also indicate that as loving and kind as I believe myself to be, I also have a ruthless side in which I’ll protect myself and those who I l love from pain, suffering and injustice of any sort as I see fit. This aspect of my personality shows it’s head rarely but is very much alive and kicking for those who wish to experience my wrath and a less romantic me. I’m not to be mis-calculated but instead loved as you’ll see that the latter serves you better. Importantly a serious man in tune with what he’s looking for in life and my future woman and you can be sure my words are true. I’m among a rare (difficult to find) example of men and you couldn’t imagine living without me. YES...I wrote that. But I challenge you to see for yourself!


Medieval and Baroque European Music (opera, secular and religious – Bach, Charpentier, Haendal, Lully, Rameau, Scarlatti), & Architecture (Baroque, Rocaille & Neo-classicism), 16th, 17th & 18th Century Italian, French and Flemish Classical Mythological, Nude and Everyday-Life Art (Amigoni, Barocci, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Poussin, Raphael, Rubens, Sareceni, Spranger and Tiepolo), Timurids & Savafids Period Art (Persia 1370 - 1736 & Bihzad,c. 1460 - 1535), Ancient Roman and Greek Philosophy, Drama and Prose (Dante, Homer, Machiavelli, Ovid, Plutarch), Kama Sutra(Ancient Hindu erotic art & sages – Vatsvayana), Ananga Ranga, The Golden Lotus (Chinese imperial erotic art & literature), Shunga (Japanese erotic art & literature), The Perfumed Garden & One Thousand and One Nights (Middle Eastern erotic art & literature), Select Ancient & Modern Autobiographical & Biographical Reading, Choral Music, Anthems & Psalms of David (Kings College Choir,Westminster Abbey Choristers & St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir), Cityscape Puzzles (2000 piece minimum particularly of New York and Hong Kong),World Travel,Sport (Fencing, Football,Kendo,Squash,Taekwondo,Track & Field), Home Interior Design and Decoration, Popular Music (Rap, Rythm & Blues, Club, New-age, Progressive Rock etc.),Fashion Design (Cavalli, Galliano, Gaultier, McQueen, Mugler, Pignatelli, Versace, Westwood, Dolce & Gabbana), Catwalk Personalities - Models (T.Banks, E.Canadas, L.Casta, K.Kurkova, E.Volodina, M.Vujovic, E. Crombez), Female Sexuality (Scientific - Clinical), Formula One Racing (Hamilton), World Current, Special Task Forces, Intelligence and Political Affairs (with emphasis on Israel, Libya, Palestine, Saudia Arabia, CIS and Russian Federation), Documentaries, Film (De Niro, Close, Dench, Ford, Freeman, Mirren, Pesci, Streep, Washington), Favourite Foods (French Traditional & Nouvel Cuisine, Indian (Gujarat/Punjabi),Italian,Korean (South),Scandinavian (Swedish,Icelandic), Seafood and Thai), Favourite Colours (Black, Gold, Yellow, White ,Red, Platinum).
My favourite outdoor activities would include park and city (international) exploring (by foot and bicycle), sailing and concerts.


Personal Characteristics;
Highly emotionally intelligent
- Has a positive self-concept
- Believes in doing the "right" thing and behaving with integrity
- Flexible enough to handle changed or dropped plans
- Somewhat concerned with being neat and organized
- Little desire to stick to a daily routine
- Handles stress with ease
- Strikes a balance between being assertive and encouraging equal input

Attitudes and Beliefs;
- Optimistic
- Somewhat spontaneous and fairly open to new experiences
- Flexible and open character
- Political and social views are midway between conservative and liberal
- Has traditional perspective on gender roles
- Thinks that money is of medium importance in life
- Spends money wisely

Communication and Conflict;
- Able to communicate effectively
- Skilled at dealing with conflict

Social Life;
- Moderate extrovert
- Places high importance on relationships with family

Relationship Skills and Attitudes;
- Tolerant and patient
- is willing to divulge quite a bit about her daily life
- Needs a lot of emotional intimacy
- Somewhat tolerant individual
- Moderately self-sacrificing
- Ready to be in a committed relationship
- Sexually adventurous and open-minded
- Faithful when in a relationship
- Willing to discuss her feelings
- Has independent and dependent traits when in a relationship
- Moderate need for control
- Emotionally steady
- Has good control of anger

I believe in love at contact and interaction (not at first sight of appearance – if you don’t enjoy being together, what good is what you look like?). The possibility of real love is not love that comes from sympathy, common interests or intellect but love that’s pure, simple and transparent. I’m NOT interested in a long time corresponding. I want a woman to be ready for me to arrive and meet her in approximately 2 month’s time maximum from introduction. I’m looking for a SERIOUS and LOVING woman with GOOD intentions. If this is not you do NOT contact me! I would like to make clear that I’m very serious and have NO intentions in wasting my or your time and would appreciate if you are the same. Thank you.


Peace & Happiness,


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