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Австралия /  Daylesford /  Robert, 77

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ID 401413
Типаж 171 см
70 кг
Голубые глаза
Семейное положение Разведен, трое детей
Образование Магистр
Работа Self employed
Желаемый возраст избранницы 33-75 лет
О себе Весы
Не курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями

I believe I am an honest and trustworthy person and I usually take others at face value. I have always believed that the person I am communicating with has the same values and has no reason to play deceptive or dishonest games with me.

I am only interested in “real” ladies who are genuine and have an honest purpose for being on this site. If your only intent is to deceive and profit from our correspondence please don’t attempt to contact me.

I think a person is by nature a whole and can not be someone's half. A person who wants to be happy works for it.

I appreciate care and a sense of humor. I respect my own and other people's borders.

It would be great if you could live with me in Australia and whenever possible travel back to your hometown on a regular basis.

I like to travel and have visited many countries. I would love a companion to travel with me. It would be great if that person also had a reasonable command of the English language. I don't want to take an interpreter with us on our travels - lol.

I am now self-employed and have an accommodation business in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.

I spent much of my life as an Art teacher at the Secondary and Tertiary levels in Australia and Canada. I also worked as an Educational Psychologist/Guidance Counsellor with the Australian Teaching Service.

Personally: The word sportsman describes me well, and I take great pleasure in good-natured competitions.

I have just returned from Italy where I competed in the World Gravel Bike Championships. I won my event and I'm now the World Champion in my age division. The race was over 140km and finished in Cittadella, Italy. I have placed a photo on my profile page of me finishing the race on 8th October 2022. The event will be held somewhere in Italy again next year.

Some say that I have a charming personality. I think I can prove this if I get the chance. I am also a very responsible person. I think that taking care of myself, and those around me, is key.

I think romance is a form of art! I believe the perfect date is a beautiful candlelight dinner with great food and great conversation. I enjoy cooking and I will serve you breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. And for those who have asked: Yes, I am still fertile and enjoy intimacy.

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