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Франция /  Saint Julien Les Metz /  Jean-yves, 48

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ID 401335
Типаж 178 см
Зеленые глаза
Другой цвет волос
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Работа Coo chief operation officer -
Желаемый возраст избранницы 18-41 лет
О себе Весы

I love what's out of fashion. A bit vintage, like loyalty, fidelity and respect.
EPILOGUE: I love thunderstorms, lightning, the elements raging and reminding us that we are nothing. I like to feel, to live, to discover. I like speed, passion, mutual trust and hugs ?
I hate boredom, things left unsaid, hypocrisy and injustice.
I like authenticity, raw frankness and humor. I like to recharge my batteries in nature: the mountains, a walk in the forest, at the edge of a river and the sea too. I don't like crowded places )))

CONCLUSION: I would like to meet THE right person with real values ​​such as sincerity and honesty, but why not have a drink and chat! Let's see if the current passes!

"All men are liars, inconstant, false, talkative, hypocritical, proud and cowardly, contemptible and sensual; all women are treacherous, artful, vain, curious and depraved; the world is but a bottomless sewer where the most shapeless seals crawl and writhe on mountains of mire; but if there is one holy and sublime thing in the world, it is the union of two of these so imperfect and so dreadful beings.
Alfred de Musset

PS: Here it was necessary to write something))

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