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ID 400194
Типаж 175 см
66 кг
Карие глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Разведен, двое детей
Образование Магистр
Работа Self employed
Желаемый возраст избранницы 28-43 лет
О себе Водолей
Не курю
Не пью

ONLY INTERESTED IN LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS ( scammers, don't loose your time, I will recognize you easily ! )

I have worked as a higher executive for various companies in France and abroad before starting my own company. I own and manage a seminar/event center near Paris.
I have lived in the States, in Brazil, Portugal and the UK.
During the covid crisis, I decided I could not stand the medical bullshit anymore. So I realized it was high time to stop working and enjoy travelling for a while.
I'm currently selling my real estate and at the same time, planning my future trips around the world.
I don't like alcohol. I hate smoke and fumes. I adore rural life and the simple lifestyle of the countryside, where I currently live outsite Paris.
I love all books but espcially antique books, of which I have a huge collection in non fiction : history of philosophy, history of ideas, history of psychology, history of physiology, history of anthropology, history of christian sciences, history of medicine, history of nutrition. I built my collection one book after another, on the Internet or in antiquarian bookshops.
I have always taken great care of my food, and I do have a special fondness for tropical fruits.
Neither my sons, nor I have been to the doctor for the last twenty years. Doctors know a lot about diseases. They know nothing about health preservation. The secrets of buoyant health are very well kept indeed. So well kept that only a handful of scientists, in the history of philosophy and medicine, ever got close enough to understand the harsh and naked truth. Our instinct is "our physician within", the one never discussed (not even mentionned) in any medical books. Curious about our food instinct ? Never ask a physician !!! Ask Mowgli or any other feral child !! .......None of my kids have been vaccinated against any disease. They were fed a purely raw diet during their first five years. One of their favorite dish was dried raw duck breast.....

My purpose in life is to help people get rid of those sanitary fears which strongly limit their autonomy of thought and action, and prevent them from accepting the truth.
My values are religious. I'm a non believer in God who strongly believes in the educational and moral values of religions. I do believe in an original sin, so my anthropology is judeo-christian, and definitely more christian than jewish.

I belong to the HSP psychological profile. For " highly sensitive person".
A few common traits to HSP : they are only interested in deep relationships, they care for others more than they care for themselves, they oftentimes read people's intentions, they are knowledgeable in many more subjects than ordinary people and they are always eager to learn ( hence my 5000+ book collection), they are scrupulous so they care for details much more than ordinary people.

Even though my personality is humble, more introvert than extrovert, I'm an opinionated guy , and my libido is dominant . I'm a one woman man. I only had one woman in my life (so far). Love is a serious matter, and its foundations are based on common values.
Values which are valuable in my view : humility , compassion, honesty, kindness, selflessness

I have heard that Eastern European women in general are quite sophisticated. Well, too bad for me : sophistication in women is definitely NOT my cup of tea. In my view, simplicity , humility, unpretentiousness are the signs of the only true nobility : the nobility of the mind and of the heart.

I'm only looking for a girl who loves the countryside, a natural girl endowed with common sense who doesn't like to use lipstick mascara and cosmetics ( except, may be on grand occasions). I don't want my wife to look like a display toy.
On the physical side, I'm sensitive to many kinds of unaffected beauty.

I'm looking for an affectionate wife, a sport companion and a off road travel companion : dreaming about staying in yurts in Mongolia ? cycling in Altaï moutains ? hiking thu Croatia's or Chile National Parks ? Exploring South America by car ?

Don't write to me if
a) you are not into sport ( I mean : not sport watching on TV ! )
b) you don't like mountain trekking
c) you have not developed an interest in healthy diets
d) I cannot see your eyes on your portrait photograph

In my home country, I'm a bit of an eccentric. You will enjoy my company if you are sporty, active, if you enjoy fitness, if you have simple lifestyle / dietary habits, if you have a religious mind, if you love outdoors, wilderness and mountain sports (I used to be a ski coach... ), if you dream about travel adventures around the world and tropical paradise. Assuming of course, the idea of spending your life in an office to gain your so-called "independance" as flaunted by hords of western feminists makes you laugh !

And if you have read Soloviev the philosopher and mystic, or Tolstoy , the great christian anarchist / pacifist / vegetarian, it will certainly be a good starting point for some lenghty discussion on russian culture around the fire.
"A majority of men die as victims of mundane ideas" ( Tolstoy ). He is so true. We die a little every day, and we are poorly rewarded for the sacrifice. The result is a discontent that smolders deep inside. We try to ignore it, but the message is clear : THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE THAN WE ARE BEING TOLD. So many lies poured onto us to hide this simple truth.
When seen in this perspective, death is not the greatest loss. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we're alive : our innocence, our self respect, our child dreams, our food instinct.

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