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ID 399652
Типаж 183 см
79 кг
Карие глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Работа Farmer
Желаемый возраст избранницы 27-37 лет
О себе Дева

Hello, my name is Pascual and I am 39 years old. Below is my business card. I proceed to describe myself by giving a few soft brushstrokes that serve to sketch at least a sketch of my personality. In general, my temperament is calm and relaxed throughout, although I can be particularly visceral and passionate about things that excite me furiously, such as playing the piano. In this sense, I am fascinated by the untamed nerve of Jerry Lee Lewis's fingers hammering the piano keys during his youth. On the other hand, breaking down my character, I would say that I am authentic, sincere, transparent, communicative, affectionate, romantic, smiling, thoughtful, sensitive, honest, noble, loyal, elevated, moral, respectful, profound, humble and a good person. I would also define myself as conservative, independent, autonomous, idealistic, folksy, plain, pragmatic, creative, perfectionist, phlegmatic, epicurean, very used to solitude and a lover of silence. To make matters worse, I agree with Nietzsche's quote: "A man's worth is measured by the amount of loneliness he can bear." And with Schopenhauer's: "Noise is torture for intellectuals and the most impertinent of disturbances."

Likewise, I am a restless, lucid person, who likes sincere talks, with a proactive attitude, full of a fine sense of humor that moves between the ironic and sarcastic, with a taste for both reading and writing, lover of the piano, who is interested in learning new things daily and who is focused and committed to both personal growth and the enrichment of the personality. Note in passing that when I give myself to something that truly motivates me, I do it body and soul, focusing all my tenacity on it. On the other hand, I like to contemplate the beauty of this world, that is, the natural scenes: water, rain, clouds, trees, mountains, swamps, rivers… I like plants: agriculture and nature. horticulture. I am satisfied growing my own produce in my family garden. It also comforts me to take care of my pets: chickens, pigeons and rabbits. I don't like vicious people or the lack of civility and empathy of some men. In the same way, I hate hypocrisy, disloyalty and bad faith. And the misspellings! Among my hobbies I point out cycling and riding a motorcycle during the summer, playing the piano, playing pool and table tennis. On the other hand, my other interests include philosophy, psychology, music, literature and chess. I think that above all, man is a metaphysical animal, therefore, among my deepest concerns, the markedly existential themes stand out above all. In this sense, my philosophical curiosities swirl around deep issues such as the meaning of life, death or the uncertainty of existence... I am a determined man, with strong values ​​and principles.

Within my catalog of guiding and stable values, authenticity, coherence, humility, probity, freedom, loyalty, integrity, solidarity and compassion stand out. I have few but very clear ideas, imbued with good sense and a strong common sense. I adore tranquility and I value, above all, the elementary things in life; that is, the four great vital arguments: love, work, culture and friendship. Therefore, in my existential attitude I am in favor of substituting today's material needs -commercially invented- for more intimate and spiritual motivations; For example, it would be the sense of transcendence that is acquired on a quiet summer night taking a walk in the countryside in the middle of silence with a starry sky as a backdrop... Schopenhauer explains very well the feeling of emptiness that comes with achievement. of a material good in which all expectations are placed: "Wealth is like sea water: the more you drink, the thirstier you will be..." Breaking a spear in favor of this idea, I appreciate frugality and I am in favor of carrying an almost ascetic lifestyle. Austerity, I think, is a model virtue. Instead, I abhor the lavishness and waste that consumerism has enthroned as a commandment of inexcusable compliance. I believe that living in an overcrowded city where there is continuous contact with others, but in a cold and inconsequential way only generates restlessness and stress, that is why I live in a small town, relatively isolated but enjoying a higher and incomparable quality of life than in the urban environment. I think that we must learn to be happy in symbiosis with the natural environment, following a simple, conscious, sensible, full and normal life. In conclusion, as a young “Caligula” of Camus would say: “I need the moon”, I want the impossible. That is to say, I would like to find a woman with a level of emotional maturity similar to mine and who wields a scale of values ​​similar to mine, in addition to having an intellectual background.

I want her to be akin to my existential attitudes and my personality, with the firm purpose and hope that over time she can become the woman of my life and we can form a family. In short, I want a woman who is not of this world. In terms of physique, my ideal prototype is athletic, blonde women with blue, green or light eyes, with a sweet gesture. Regarding personality, I would like her to be a humble, simple, intelligent, sweet, understanding, affectionate, tender, cuddly, homelike, hard-working girl, with a soft character, and, above all, a good person with good feelings. A woman who manages to secrete a river of dopamine in my brain just by seeing the brightness of her smile and the light of her eyes... I am not naive, I am aware of the difficulty of the company, taking into account the liquid times -as described Bauman very wisely- in which we live prisoners in which everything we have is volatile, changing and ephemeral, and apparently this unfortunate phenomenon does not distinguish between love relationships. But you have to try. That it is not for not having had enough courage.
relideal: My perception of an ideal relationship is a romantic relationship in which both parties build a reciprocal or common life project for life (in the old way like our grandparents). Therefore, I am looking for a woman with whom to combine my life that makes me feel complemented and accompanied in the unpredictable journey of life so full of twists and turns and pitfalls. A woman with whom to start a family. The pattern of my ideal relationship is a relationship in which there is NO fear of commitment, or of giving up some freedom, because "freedom I know only to be imprisoned in someone" -as the poet Cernuda would say-. There are also no reservations to dare to give everything for the couple, and it is a feeling in which both harbor shared expectations for the future.

A relationship where both think that love is a work of psychological craftsmanship where the will takes on a fundamental role. Specifically, the will consists in this case in the determination to work the chosen love, against all odds, in the good, in the regular and in the bad. If any girl feels identified with my features or senses that there may be an affinity, perhaps it would be time to get to know each other... As Nino Bravo would say: "There is a girl who is the same but different from the others, I see her every night walking on the beach and I don't know where it comes from and I don't know where it goes..." Will you be my Noelia?

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