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США /  Atlanta Georgia /  "jack", 56

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ID 399497
Типаж 185 см
100 кг
Голубые глаза
Светлый шатен
Семейное положение Разведен, трое детей
Образование Бакалавр
Работа Entrepreneur nomad capitalist
Желаемый возраст избранницы 32-42 лет
О себе Скорпион
Не курю
Не пью

03.08.2023 Happy International Women's Day! - Profile active as of today. Updated profile forthcoming. It's difficult to imagine the extreme sadness from this Russia Ukraine War. The Adversary of all righteousness stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger one against another. I've been helping to alleviate the suffering of The Ukrainian people for over a year now. As a man I act & do what I'm inspired to do. Today I was inspired to activate this profile. I'm insanely ambitious & busy, so be patient, & yes my profile is genuine & real. Extremely athletic Native of Southern California USA, Surfer, Baseball, Soccer, Disc Golf, SCUBA Diving, Swim, Beach, Tan, Reggae Music- I seek Truth, Love, Light, & the Warmth of my future Beloved Slavic Lady. I'm here for Fun Dating, Marriage, Children, & Traditional Family Values. I'm naturally attracted to Sweet Cheerful Fun Kind Playful Women who are Cute & most importantly a genuine authentic good person. Mutual burning desire is mandatory & as such we shall be required to Slow Dance nightly for 10 minutes minimum. As a natural romantic I will do much to bring waves of colorful light into your daily existence. I don't do drama, raise my voice or yell. Honor is my power & I possess such in great quantities, a deep feeling man who values Spiritual Connection & a fulfilling life bathed in success, ambition, service, generosity, kindness, & a lovingly bold approach to life! I help cure the "Soul" through Nutrient Dense Nutrition, Intermittent & Prolonged Fasting, Lifestyle Management, & Counseling as a Certified International Health Coach (CIHC). I have personally witnessed many miraculous events in my sojourn on this Earth. Know this, God lives, He loves us, He sent His only begotten Son to this Earth, Jesus Christ was that man sent. The Saviour & Redeemer of all mankind. I'm rather obsessed with Healthy Lifestyles, properly combined clean organic mostly raw superfoods that enhance the Microbiom, promote natural healing, bodybuilding, & all things that affect health. "Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy Food!" Natural born leader & it's effortless for me... I will lead in truth & righteousness & set the proper example of what a man is for our children & we shall enjoy love & security. All will desire to enter our home, to feel the warmth, comfort, & safety from The Storms of Adversity that have already begun to rage upon this Earth & it will increase significantly. If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. Paradoxically, in defense of truth & that which is right, noble, & good I can be absolutely brutally lethal if required & I do not hesitate. What man doesn't enjoy enhancing His skills in The DOJO a few times each week? God has blessed me with an abundance of talent & skills that I have honed & I use them in His service. My friend said of me that I am a "Light Worker" & strangely I had not heard of this term... The Family is the fundamental core of Life & Society, it must be relentlessly defended. Together we shall have our unique "Joie de Vivre"! The Rhythm of Our Life together shall produce sweet music to the soul! Are you also slightly Sapiosexual? My new beard has helped me book more modeling gigs recently, so please don't get jealous of all the pretty women that are in my orbit. I'm never jealous & can't relate. Cheating is contrary to the purpose of life & I will not partake! The rest shall remain a mystery. Every day I eat garlic cloves fermented in raw honey, with black chia seeds, so Vampires Beware!

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