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Индия /  Jaipur /  Ajay, 33

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ID 398458
Типаж 168 см
50 кг
Черные глаза
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Бакалавр
Работа Cloud computing
Желаемый возраст избранницы 20-32 лет
О себе Лев
Другая вера
Не курю
Не пью

I'm easygoing,passionate,loving,loyal in nature. Being spiritual I have deep faith in God.Three things define me extreme loyal,chastity and pious in nature. My wife will find me very friendly and she will always trust me for life. I believe that love is a complete devotion and loyalty for someone, it isn't sexual acts or kisses.
I learn from the environment. I adore nature. I've compassion for every living being and live with dignity and moderation.
I'm one on whom my wife will always depend on time of crisis when everything turns against her.

I want a partner who can understand me,trust me,loves me,follow my words, take care of my parents like her own.One who is always with me in my happy and very difficult days.
I expect my wife to be extremely loyal, completely chaste and pious just like me.I will always keep her happy.She must know how to balance things in life and is cheerful.One who adopts my way of life with her heart. I want that she shouldn't have any feeling or thoughts of debauchery just like me as it gradually degrades us.
She must believe in purity of thoughts as it helps us to grow in life. I'll never like lustful thoughts. I never want to discuss anything about lust.
I will be happy if she loves cooking,highly educated,have compassion for others and positive who can make anyone laugh. One who loves natures and never hides anything from me. I never want any arguments.

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