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Все мужчины /  51-80 лет /  Темные шатены /  Голубые глаза /  Один ребенок /  Стрелец /  Средняя школа /  Другое /  Не курит /  Не пьет / 

Великобритания /  London /  Stephen, 62

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ID 395611
Типаж 178 см
57 кг
Голубые глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Холост, один ребенок
Образование Среднее
Работа Artist
Желаемый возраст избранницы 18-56 лет
О себе Стрелец
Не религиозен
Не курю
Не пью

Starting a new life at age of 60. Full of passion and truth.

I have no wealth or material possessions due to overcoming effect of trauma from army when I was young. I use meditation, yoga to overcome... My story can inspire..... Now I use my talent as an artist to develop projects to help protect the Climate Change and beauty of nature. Aim to leave UK as it is too expensive and depressing. Be somewhere where I can, with my future partner, open art studio, gallery, cafe business. I am truth when I speak. You can trust me and rely on me. I can inspire you to be the best you can. I can be a good inspiration and mentor for children...I just love life...

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