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ID 388414
Типаж 183 см
86 кг
Карие глаза
Семейное положение Разведен, трое детей
Образование Бакалавр
Работа It technician
Желаемый возраст избранницы 44-55 лет
О себе Близнецы
Не курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями

Im a hard working professional with a healthy balanced lifestyle. Born in the tropical island of Jamaica, I grew up and received my education in England. I worked in the UK for many years as a senior policy advisor at the Government Ministry of Finance in London. Im now living in Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany for 12 years and work for a large company. I specialise in IT namely, providing advice to client companies on Microsoft products.I also teach private tuition in English at home.

I have three beautiful independent adult children not living with me, but i maintain regular contact. While relationships/marriages can and often do come to a premature end, parenting is for life! I take my responsibilities as a father seriously because I love my children. Im proud of what they have acheived in their lives with my and my ex-wifes nuturing, despite divorce. After a 27 year mariage, im divorced for 10 years and still sometimes speak to my ex-wife who is closer to our grandson. A mature woman here with her own adult children, will understand this is quiet normal and should have no objections.

Precisely for these reasons, Im looking for a EXPERIENCED MATURE life companion, whos life experience matches mine i. e. a mature woman who is Divorced or single, with an adult kid(s) now flown the nest. You should truly want to now devote ALL your considerable Love, care, support and time to your man, knowing this is exactly what I want to recipricate to you.

I have a genuine love for life and am a happy person, not desperate through loneliness. I know what love is and my feet are firmly on the ground in my search here. Im generous, warm-hearted, passionate, romantic, sensual, and blessed with a great deal of patience. At the same time I can be demanding, as I believe in the importance of having high standards for myself and my potential partner in life. Cleansiness, tidiness, a sense of order, self-respect, good grooming, having a good dress sense are all important to my way of life. Im very energised, active and sometimes burn the candle at both ends)) Sometimes, 24hrs seems not enough time in one day. My physical and mental energy push me to near burn out! Not having a woman in my life I have begun to realise, can have serious health consequences too((

With a strong, healthy energetic libido, making time with your partner to enjoy regular satisfying sex,daily cuddles, kisses,admiring glances,holding hands,tender.... Such acts of affection, intimacy, tenderness and love, are so vital to any long-term relationship. Its some of the many important ingrediencies which helps solidify and deepen the love bond between a man and a woman. I’m vivacious, optimistic by nature, and rather see a glass as half-full than half-empty. Because I have a great understanding and am appreciative of what my endeavours in life and work can bring, it doesnt bother me greatly if success doesnt immediately come to me. Life experience is such a priceless advantage, and only a woman fiting my age criteria will understand what this means to her too! For this reason, the similar life experience two mature people bring to a relationship, will more likely determine its successp. Whats waiting for the woman whos heart I capture??? Every moment with me will be like a romantic adventure.... Active, energetic, surprising, unpredictable, spontaneous, extreme.... Never boring))

This is me or at least something of who I am as a man. Please dont ignore my words if you find yourself compelled to write to me first. I've given a lot of detail in my profile for you to break the ice with me. DON'T ignore it if you want to seriously grab my interest here1

My optimistic heart says I live in hope and expectation))

What kind of life-partner do i search here????
She is mature, life experienced, well travelled, aged between 44-55yrs old. You have a real zest for life, happy in yourself, fun-loving and tactile. You know how to create a holiday feeling for both of us. My ideal women loves to touch and hold hands wherever we are, at home, among friends, in public. She treasures our daily affectionate cuddles and kisses, my admiring glances at her perfect forms(to my eyes only). We divert silences when words aren’t needed to transmit the deep love connection we share between us. Her passionate heart reciprocates insatiable desire for my love, affection and attention. It goes without saying, her life experience gives HER qualities a discerning mature man like me value most in a mature life-partner.... loyalty, faithfulness, self-assurance,responsibility,caring and know how to be supportive in any situation, no matter how big or small. As a mature woman, she has what it takes, to keep the embers of love burning year after year in a loving relationship. Just like me, her recurring dream is to once more experience in her life, the joys of unconditional love, belonging and a fulfilment that only family life can give.

Im ready to meet you if you are serious about building a solid foundation for a relationship leading to marriage. I want to be smitten by your presence, femininity, beauty,intelligence and warmth. I want you to see the burning passion in my eyes, full of desire for you.

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