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ID 357144
Типаж 168 см
75 кг
Карие глаза
Семейное положение Разведен, один ребенок
Работа University investigator
Желаемый возраст избранницы 31-50 лет
О себе Скорпион
Не религиозен
Не курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями

Hi. I am Carlos.
This shall be my first writings


Я НЕ заинтересован в долгих разговорах. Я ищу свою девушку. Простой, Спокойный, Честный, Верный,

I am NOT interest in LONG ENDLESS talks leading to nothing. I actually want to find my girlfriend.

I am a common man in a common world.
I am not the gorgeous, powerfull and rich guy maibe you have been dreaming about. Thats not me, for sure.
I am a common portuguese middle class man in Portuguese Society, living with my son in a humble house in a town near the capital.
Im here, just looking for what I haven´t found so far: Love. Truly.
Nevertheless, I am happy and enjoy very very much living. Even when we do it in a 9 to 5 stupid work world... I am Happy,,,
... I am happy When I arrive home to my cat, my son, my old kitchen, my tv and one day maybe, my girl, who knows, one day, maybe you.


Im not inhere to write , talk or say what you want to hear. I will tell you what I real think of life. Of Us... And I do not want you to tell me what I want to hear. Always the truth. If your goal is to move apart, move away from your country, friends may help friends but, do not tell me that you are in love or want to marry. No need. And No false expectations!

Im also a believer... In love. Somewhere out there is my girl. And I believe in love at first sight. Im I mad?! I believe one can fall in love for your photograph. Need to meet you, of course... but we all when we were teens felt in love for the girl/boy on the tv/ magazine... Now that we are adults we cant? Why?! Forbidden? But I do also believe that love is constructable. Grows everyday with our actions as while as you are going to know your partner.

Still there?

Im looking for a girl, a friend, a lover, who wants to share her life or some time of her life with me. Maybe an experience. We may be so culturally different it might be interesting to try it first. Who knows. Just waiting for you...
One thing I know for sure. If you dont care and love yourself, or otherwise, you are so selfish thinking only on your futur goals and belly, just do not say anything. Pleae Dont. I would not stand you, no matter how much pretty, rich or young you are.

I hope you are still there.


Im looking for my dear. Don't know where she is nor how we will do it, as we live far from each other. But I don't think that is a major problem.
For instance, We r just a 5:00H direct flight from Moscow or 6:00H from New York. We live in a global society. Many things have changed.
Love, my desire for love and true feelings haven't.

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