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ID 341259
Типаж 180 см
77 кг
Серые глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Бакалавр
Желаемый возраст избранницы 26-60 лет
О себе Козерог
Не курю
Не пью

Honey, please write to me, my intentions are serious and honest, I really am not here to play with women, I am looking for a suitable woman for myself to make her happy and she me. I carry a lot of positive energy, optimism, love, but I have no one to give it to. I have many empty holes in my heart and I would like to fill that void.
You are a beautiful woman, you have a beautiful appearance, I hope also a wonderful, kind good interior, soul, honesty. I never lie, I don’t deceive, I don’t exploit people, I’ve already helped a lot of people because it means a lot to me if I know how to make people happy. I am told in my job as an accountant that I am from another world because I am too honest, because I am not naive and I do not fall for scams, especially this world scam around covid 19, this is the biggest scam that has ever happened, I hope people will they will wake up to overlook what is happening, probably only when very many of them will die from vaccines. The world is half a scam, even the TV media, the newspapers are all spreading unrealistic, untrue information not only about this covid but also about other matters. Now we have been betrayed by government politicians, health care system doctors, the media (TV and others) censorship is real information. Those who work create little to earn, but all intermediaries to traders get rich and we buyers pay dearly for it. The most obvious thing about health now is not only that all medicines are too expensive, that they don't care about our health, that they care about their earnings. I’m not going to talk about it anymore because everything is crazy and people think it’s normal.
Even when looking for partners here, there are a lot of scams, a lot of people who are not looking for love here but their victims.
Unlike the others, I am a real, honest person. My phone email, the company I have is publicly available, my sole purpose is to find love, happiness, and maybe someone we work honestly if someone has ideas of desire, this is usually not because it is necessary to work, learn, it is easier to deceive someone .
I hate, lie, exploitation, deception, deception, violence, I hate it. It’s not just the words I live that way, honestly, modestly because I invest my money time in business because I want to do something good. I want to show people that we don't need a mountain of money to be able to make something big out of small. I'm not rich because I'm too honest, but I have inner wealth and a lot of knowledge, I also have work habits, I don't work all day or I'm not in sports, I study, I think, I plan. I will do less if I find a woman who will make me happy, then she will be the center of my life part of thinking, but only on condition that love knows how to return my attention, a nice word hug can do anything, I do not like ugly words, insults, criticism and similarly, I prefer to use nice words, encouragement.
Like I said, I’m not rich yet, except, internally, but maybe it would manage to turn my business ideas into money somehow. I have honest intentions, I know how to help people who have a hard time living with little money, I have a vision of how to help them so that they can live better with little money. If I can convince them to trust me, I will help them and myself. I know how to find and connect with producers of food, medicine, and other products, directly with them, and so get products at the lowest possible prices and then I would offer it to people who need it and price differences are very large, even 10x and more, this is mostly the case with medicines and other supplements to improve health and well-being, there are huge differences, but also the differences in food between countries are very large and you can save a lot if you know where to find something and exclude all intermediaries.
So if you don't mind the age difference, I was 62 (I live healthy and eat healthy), and the fact that I'm not rich now, I have enough for myself and you, if it doesn't bother you much if you love nature, sports, you love pleasant unforgettable moments for two, it means more to you than material goods, expensive cars, yachts, then I am the right man for you. For me, love is not just an empty word, it is much more, a lot of attention, tenderness, pampering, care, I am not selfish, I know how to share, but also to give, which I do not have if I see that I make someone happy. It’s not my goal to have a big pile of money to manipulate people, it’s enough for me if you love me and you and I receive you.
Also because there are a lot of scams online, I want to clear up all the ambiguities as soon as possible and find out who we are, what we are, what we want, ...., so it is necessary to have in addition to writing, also telephone and video contact to share pictures, pictures of your home, workplace, even maybe friends to send a letter by regular mail to see how it works, to send a picture of your identity document with a picture, a copy of the apartment bill, phone number where the address is seen and who to match pictures, numbers, title picture, how we can prevent scams and thus greatly increase trust, security.
Visual contact is important to see if we like each other, if the spark is in the fathers, that the picture is and realistically the same. It’s good to see each other so many times, we talk hard because I don’t speak English, I know German, or.
I want you to write to me, describe what kind of man you want to meet, I want everything in detail to know what and how important something is to you, size, weight, physique, strong shoulders, size …… men usually like big breasts, distinctive buttocks,…, me i want a woman to love sports, to do something for her body, not just sit in front of a mirror.
Some women have a special desire that the man below is gifted and has some other special desires, it’s good to know beforehand not when we meet live.
The second is the financial situation of the property, the size of the wallet, it is desirable but there is no guarantee of happiness, how important it is to you I would like to know what kind of house you want to live with what kind of car to drive,….
Then these are the qualities of a man I have already described to you, I only add that I was not married, I lived with a woman who had her own child before, so I have no children, I have been living alone for more than 10 years. I work as an economist as an accountant, I am very dissatisfied with the salary relations there, so I also founded a company, which unfortunately has not yet come to life due to problems. I live in Slovenia in the center of the EU, neighboring countries are Italy Austria Hungary Croatia. We have a sea of high mountains,… I live in Maribor near the border with Austria
I don't care what you have, it's important that we are visually attracted somewhere, that we are not disliked, I think that love at first sight is not necessary, with young people this is possible but in years it is not so common. A woman can be very beautiful and attractive, but if she doesn't love you and doesn't give you attention, love, love will start to fade. I think visual appeal is more important for men than women but if everything else is missing this is not enough.
As for the age I am looking for I want a woman between 40 and 50 years + -, of course if she accepts it, which is not the main condition.
Often then the question arises about financial aid, visa costs, transport, food, medicine,…. Anything is possible is a matter of agreement and ability, but first we need to clarify if we are for together, if we like each other, we love each other if we are real people. When I feel that love is mutual we will start looking for a way to meet and then live together. What next, how do you want to arrange your life, children, I want your opinion.
Please write to me, call me if you see in this description, if you feel, you wish you could find your happiness with me, please write to me, you are very desirable, he will do everything to make your eyes shine with happiness, because it is the only way to get your luck back. I’m sure you won’t regret the day you take a step towards me because that’s the only way we get to know each other and our desires become reality. Kiss Janko

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