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ID 333168
Типаж 178 см
73 кг
Карие глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Разведен, четверо детей
Работа Technician
Желаемый возраст избранницы 29-43 лет
О себе Весы
Не курю
Не пью

Please, read all of what I have written before you choose to send a message.

My four children are all adults, and I now live alone.
I love having children and we may have as many as you wish.

I am ever cheerful, and I try to be open minded, and I do try to always encourage other people as I may. Including when one has some interaction with another who we totally disagree, such a situation may actually become a opportunity to learn.

An important thing that a couple must be able to do is to communicate. Furthermore, being a woman of intellect is what I need. Thus, having a discourse in any subject is one of the things which we may enjoy for all of our years.

About marriage..
This is a sacred state between one man and one woman, and may be 'multiplied.'
I think that polygyny is Biblical as keeping the seventh day sabbath: both practices are never prohibited in Scripture, however, they are "forgotten" in our societies. The challenge of a plural marriage is greater - particularly for the man. Yet, I think that the reward is greater: we may have a larger family and each wife may have a career or may pursue something she likes or has an ambition for. Even so, I can not be sure that this will ever happen. While it is a difficult concept to make public, I think I should a least tell about it so that there are no 'surprises.' Regardless of that, I think that if find one woman who is a 'match' for me, then this is a miravle already! ^^

Of course, to have someone to live for is far better than only being by myself: I do not want to be single.

I beleive that the pursuit of something that is challenging for yourself is important. Continual self-improvement is the best example to show to our children. They may also become successful because they will learn from ur example much more than only telling them with words alone. A Child tends to follwow what is obsrevered rather than to do what they are (only) told.

About myself..
As a boy, growing up in the desert in SoCal (Southern California). I would often be found riding a motorcycle (if I could be found! ha ). Also, I became addicted to reading books. Particularly, stories of "King Arthur" I liked very much and, although it is fiction, I have always tried to be like the characters in the stories who place honor above anything else.

Patience: I might have this "too much" (except in my profession where "perfection" is required).

Beliefs are very important - the basics of my own coincide with the "Statement of Faith" for the "Seventh Day Baptist Church." (see seventhdaybaptist.org). Probably no two individuals may fully agree on anything, still, the things listed in the SDB site are among the "essentials" ^^

Various other ideas which I have may seem to me to be crazy to me too (if I did not know enough evidence about them). But 'crazy' is 'what you do' with 'what you think' when almost not one other person agrees, right? ^^

Some of my interests..
I am an American, and I think that the way the government is formed here in the USA, at least at the beginning, is miraculous. However, elected officials have become altogether corrupted because they are more accountable to the large corporations which finance expensive elections, so most are liars and cheats. A notable exception, in my opinion is Trey Gowdy.

I like any subject - history, politics, Health & wellness, and the Bible.
Science or Fantasy fiction stories from settings such as from "Star Trek," "Star Wars," or "Middle Earth," "Narnia," (and others) I enjoy very much.

I am an avid "geek gamer" and "table top" game hobby (these are not computer games). People might gather once in a week, and everyone within the community is very nice. Periodic conventions take place - for example, in In Los Angeles, California are the Strategicon events, and in Indianapolis, Indiana is GenCon. This hobby is great enjoyment for the whole family and I enjoy the opportunities for complex strategies which are a excellent mental challenge.

If you wonder about the basic questions of life, such as: "What am I?," or "Where do I come from?" then I think ICR.org is a good reference to begin to answer those. I believe that anyone who is capable of good reasoning may discover much of the same fundamental answers just as I have. And, of course, there is always more to learn. Of particular note is a man from named Ivan Panin who dedicated his life to studying the text of the Bible (maybe you can find something he had written in the Russian language?)

Outdoor activities which I like include backpacking, and "Ultimate Frisbee."
"Ultimate," is a team sport and anyone may participate. "Backpacking" is what you do when you combine hiking & camping.

When my children were 4 or 5 years old, I decided that I should investigate what is healthy to eat. After years of discovering more and more about what to choose, I no longer get sick as most other people commonly do. I never get headaches, colds, or if a flu is being passed they do not affect me. Did I discovered the cure for such things (It has been several years from the last time I ever contracted anything!))

We shall have a goodly sized house so that there is space for each wife to have her own room. And land for us to grow our own food. Of course, I do not intend be all the time farming, there are many more other things to do: I simply would like to have healthy food. All foods in grocery stores in the USA have chemicals which are bad for your health.

Any career you like and which you have the ambition to pursue, I encourage you to perform it! For me, I will have something to do in a shop for building things, and any of us may participate there too.

Occasionally, I might obtain a contract for work which could require me to travel (usually, within the continent in the USA).

While I predominantly have a "plant based" diet, it is not exclusively so - fishing and wild game hunting is available in the area where I will live. In fact, wild turkey roam in area where I have chosen to live.

I like dark chocolate. Unfortunately, anything you can buy has sugar and that is one of the worst things for the health. However, I have discovered how to make chocolate which is better AND is very healthy and tasty. Perhaps I will make some for you?

FYI - the recent pandemic is no less than a bio weapon made in China (verify the argument listed in the Mercola web-site). So far as I know (aside from the health habbits I have already formed ) raw licorice root helps against it.

~ Gregory W.

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