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ID 305603
Ulises alejandro,47-1
Ulises alejandro,47-2
Ulises alejandro,47-3
Ulises alejandro,47-4
Ulises alejandro,47-5
Ulises alejandro,47-6
Ulises alejandro,47-7
Ulises alejandro,47-8
Ulises alejandro,47-9
Ulises alejandro,47-10
Ulises alejandro,47-11
Ulises alejandro,47-12
Ulises alejandro,47-13
Ulises alejandro,47-14
Ulises alejandro,47-15
Ulises alejandro,47-16
Ulises alejandro,47-17
Ulises alejandro,47-18
Ulises alejandro,47-19
Ulises alejandro,47-20
Ulises alejandro,47-21
Ulises alejandro,47-22
Ulises alejandro,47-23
Ulises alejandro,47-24
Ulises alejandro,47-25
Ulises alejandro,47-26
Ulises alejandro,47-27
Ulises alejandro,47-28
Ulises alejandro,47-29
Ulises alejandro,47-30
Ulises alejandro,47-31
Ulises alejandro,47-32
Ulises alejandro,47-33
Ulises alejandro,47-34
Ulises alejandro,47-35
Ulises alejandro,47-36
Ulises alejandro,47-37
Ulises alejandro,47-38
Ulises alejandro,47-39
Ulises alejandro,47-40
Ulises alejandro,47-41
Ulises alejandro,47-42
Ulises alejandro,47-43
Ulises alejandro,47-44
Ulises alejandro,47-45
Ulises alejandro,47-46
Ulises alejandro,47-47
Ulises alejandro,47-48
Ulises alejandro,47-49
Ulises alejandro,47-50
Ulises alejandro,47-51
Ulises alejandro,47-52
Ulises alejandro,47-53
Ulises alejandro,47-54
Ulises alejandro,47-55
Ulises alejandro,47-56
Ulises alejandro,47-57
Ulises alejandro,47-58
Ulises alejandro,47-59
Ulises alejandro,47-60
Ulises alejandro,47-61
Ulises alejandro,47-62
Ulises alejandro,47-63
Ulises alejandro,47-64
Ulises alejandro,47-65
Ulises alejandro,47-66
Ulises alejandro,47-67
Ulises alejandro,47-68
Ulises alejandro,47-69
Ulises alejandro,47-70
Ulises alejandro,47-71
Ulises alejandro,47-72
Ulises alejandro,47-73
Ulises alejandro,47-74
Ulises alejandro,47-75
Ulises alejandro,47-76
Ulises alejandro,47-77
Ulises alejandro,47-78
Ulises alejandro,47-79
Ulises alejandro,47-80
Ulises alejandro,47-81
Ulises alejandro,47-82
Ulises alejandro,47-83
Ulises alejandro,47-84
Ulises alejandro,47-85
Ulises alejandro,47-86
Ulises alejandro,47-87
Ulises alejandro,47-88
Ulises alejandro,47-89
Ulises alejandro,47-90
Ulises alejandro,47-91
Ulises alejandro,47-92
Ulises alejandro,47-93
Ulises alejandro,47-94
Ulises alejandro,47-95
Ulises alejandro,47-96
Ulises alejandro,47-97
Ulises alejandro,47-98
Ulises alejandro,47-99
Ulises alejandro,47-100
Ulises alejandro,47-101
Ulises alejandro,47-102
Ulises alejandro,47-103
Ulises alejandro,47-104
Ulises alejandro,47-105
Ulises alejandro,47-106
Ulises alejandro,47-107
Ulises alejandro,47-108
Ulises alejandro,47-109
Ulises alejandro,47-110
Ulises alejandro,47-111
Ulises alejandro,47-112
Ulises alejandro,47-113
Ulises alejandro,47-114
Ulises alejandro,47-115
Ulises alejandro,47-116
Ulises alejandro,47-117
Типаж 175 см
70 кг
Карие глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Средне-специальное
Работа Food and beverage manager
О себе Рыбы
Не курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 30-45 лет
hi!!!!!!, i will go to Moscow next week from June the 20 to july the 1st, we can meet ther, keep in touch ok,
I will describe myself as a good person romantic and detail, good sense of humor, funny and happy, positive and looking for seriuous relation.I like my free time I Live in Tulum paradise, beautiful Beach town with the best Beaches and Cenotes.
On my day off I go to Akumal to swim and watch turtles that is the best experience in life.
I swim a lot I go to the beach to run in the water and read a book. I like to read books about leadership because of my job, Sales, Food Costs, etc.
I work in a Restaurant on the beach, I am the Manager.
I like to read leadership books, my favorite autor John Maxwell.
Looking for a girl romantic, happy, positive, good sense of humor, eat all kind of food, NO smoker, enjoyed life every minute, if you like the beach, sunset and sunrise, this is the place, I learn from my parents a lot they were together for 48 years. I like to make a girl feel LOVE CARE AND IMPORTANT.
If you are ready for family in a beautiful town and the beach welcome to créate a family
write me ok :)

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