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ID 301733
Типаж 180 см
70 кг
Карие глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Бакалавр
Работа Hp tech agent
О себе Рак
Не курю
Не пью
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 21-30 лет
Salut! my name is Dorian Caligaris, just a regular next door guy from Colombia living in Costa Rica (Not USA).
I make between $10,000 to $12,000 a year doing music, art but mostly as HP Tech Agent. You can see my pictures, nothing special maybe an ok guy :lol:!! I don't know...but what I do know is this: I Don't like to pretend, I like to be the same with everybody. I hate hypocrisy, and self-centered people, would like if everyone could be seen equally. I Like to make people smile, also I NEVER take true friendship for granted. I really think that love, loyalty and trust take time and are very hard to earn but once you get them, they become the FEELING that deserves to be protected and treasured FOREVER!!. Also I like to talk and listen, open to share different interests.
I guess I could define myself as a trusty, practical nice guy, but brave when it's needed. I'm not a push over like most of the people here in CR, government just sticks their filthy fingers in people's mouths ...and what do they do??...to open wider...MY GOD!!
Nevertheless: I LOVE!! music (guitar-piano), melodic hard Rock and smooth jazz are my favorite styles, also love movie scores and classical music :), Swimming is another passion of mine, love sea life, I'm very fond of animals in general but ADORE wolves, dolphins and whales...and turtles too. I enjoy very much kickboxing and driving, love to practice in open spaces with traffic cones!! so much fun!!! :D
I like going to the movies, or to an art museum, love the beach (don't like the sun very much..) mm..I really enjoy having a nice conversation about anything...don't like to argue it's always better to talk things out with RESPECT. I was raised to be always a gentleman, no matter what.
I like quiet restaurants or cafes, never go to loud places, bars or else.
What else do I enjoy very much??... NFL, Astronomy, video games, and studying french... :lol:
Breaks my heart children working and animal mistreat...In life no matter the problem...there is always a solution or at least a way to make it better.
I like to fallow my own heart, my own style I don't get persuaded that easy, people will need a very strong argument to convince me otherwise. I will always welcome a better idea, I like to learn from everybody. Always to balance "everything" so I can get the best outcome.
Have a great day beautiful!! Take care and Thank U for your time. :wink:
PD: Usually I like to upload new photos or to write a bit more about myself. Please keep checking my profile from time to time...Thank you! :D

I'm looking for a pretty next door girl with a "heart of gold", really sweet, caring, well mannered. with her own opinions but respecting other's. With an honest smile, somebody who is not spoiled or stuck up...never look down at people with less luck in life.
Maybe U don't know how to speak English very well... don't care...I prefer a beautiful calm voice that when listen to it brings peace all around.
Instead of attending me I would prefer if she is doing something creative..painting, drawing, playing a musical instrument, writing...or any artistic craft..maybe a sport, it doesn't matter...something that makes her happy, seize her own talents big or small...:) She never needs to be sad..never. I want a BEST FRIEND! not a maid or so.
Besides I would like to learn how to do anything she loves...THAT I would treasure forever. For me a Home made Gift, no matter how small but with true love will always beat a bought one.
At the end of life what you remember and love the most is the small dear "defects" that's what makes that person so special and like no other in the world.
I'm not a sexist and appreciate very much a women's common sense.
I think everything should be 50% 50%
between her and me obviously regarding capability...but you know what I mean :)...
I ask for:
Faithfulness, loyalty, unconditional love...besides that if she makes a mistake i'll always forgive her with a smile...but she better have some cake first, before hearing the bad news...hahah!!

If by any chance you are also slim body and between 5,3" and 5,5" (160cm-166cm) you might be the one I'm looking for ;) Also later on... willing to come, get married and live in Costa Rica!
*Ladies: I wish you the best of luck, Really!. . so you guys can have a better life with somebody that will treat you with all the respect and love you deserve. ;)

* I apologized for the inconvenience of not being able to read and reply to your messages... please don't think I'm a jerk :( the system doesn't let me pay with my Credit Card,,,,I'm looking for a way around it.

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