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It's difficult to come up with something in this short space that can help others know you. Relating your ideas, your dreams, your passions, in a few paragraphs, is not really possible. That being said, I will try anyway :) I am curious by nature. I like exploring the outer fringes of knowledge. This is where the leading thinkers are, as well as the crazy people. It's just more fun there lol. It's also where mistakes are made, followed by progress. I love books, especially old dusty ones. I love horror fiction, and science fiction, and flights of fantasy. Ironically, I work too many hours to allow myself time to read like I did when I was younger. I also love computers and the internet. So much information so readily available. I guess I would be classified as a nerd by most people. I don't disagree with this assessment. I really am not sure what I am looking for. Just someone to share time and space with. A friend and lover, future wife and mother, a partner in crime :) I definitely enjoy quiet moments with someone special. I don't like clubs and bars (except the smaller ones where people actually go to get drunk), and am much happier to cook a meal at home and enjoy good food, good conversation, and genuine laughter with a beautiful, intelligent woman. I guess the goal is to create a warm, intimate space where two people can feel safe and grow together. Friendship should come first, as it always makes what follows so much easier and so much better. I think I am rambling, so I will stop now. I hope what I have written makes at least a little sense...

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