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ID 295240
Типаж 173 см
54 кг
Черные глаза
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Бакалавр
Работа It product manager
О себе Дева
Иногда курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 18-34 лет
Photos are selfie taken by tripod, magic right? I don't deny that hazy is a kind of beauty, but I hope you have more than sunglasses photos, closer from the lens, focusing accuracy, proper exposure.
Here are many excellent ladies, attorney who's work in the Ministry of Justice, judge who's wearing Hermes dress and driving a roadster, architect who had won several international awards for experts, some beautiful singers, artist who's fond of riding skiing and golf, photographers or pastry chefs who had demonstrated amazing works, elite students who have wonderful appearance and figure. I'm not a greedy womanizer, find a girl then leave here. I'm a fan of World War II history, the name of some Russian and Ukrainian cities make me cry, there had broken out fierce street fighting and arduous struggle.
After read lots of ladies' profile, I found not only Chinese traditional, but also Westerners want to a life-time love(our idiom: together til hair become white). Not as seen on TV, Westerners are very emotional and casual. We human eager to stable relationship. But everything is changing, how to seek a lasting feeling in the unknown world and in future? I think it very important quality is compromise. Inclusion is a sign of maturity, too many hard edges in character who is suitable for single.
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Great achievements lead from absurd ideas. Get a foreigner wife to me is the wildest action by far. I feel that not to find the right lady so many years maybe she was born outside China.
I live in a historical and cultural city in central China, I'm looking for a nice Eastern European girl to get married. I hope you can communicate in English. Would you like to live in China or find a Chinese husband? :-)
We'll experience more barriers than other couples: language, habits, conditions of state, ways of thinking, religion, upbringing, diet, aesthetic...they're also exciting challenges.
If you're a new age women who want to reflect their own values, do not worry about unemployment or nothing to do when you come to China, we will open up many new career or business opportunities because of our transnational marriage.
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My parents are university students of the 1960s, they learned Russian in those days when a good relationship with China and the former Soviet Union, unfortunately I do not speak Russian., after they divorced I live with my mother, she died of cancer in 2012, so I live alone. I have a brother 5 years older, a teenage niece.
I'm a product manager in IT industry, design smart phone APP and website for government and corporates. I hope you're educated and considerate.
Charity is not magnate's patent, but about mercy. I'm not rich, but dedicated money and labor over 20 years in my capacity, I'm a member of three organizations: WWF, PETA, One foundation(the founder is kung fu star Jet Li).
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I'm not handsome so no special requirement for your looks, but I'd like you have a good body shape, for health and weight management.
Whether you're unmarried, divorced or widowed not matter. I prefer to find the woman who haven't given birth include abortion, thanks for your message. which may be selfish. I love kids and want to have our own, but not guarantee other people's children like with me.
I have many hobbies: reading, singing, swimming, fitness, Bridge, Chess, Travel, Photography. That's OK if you have different ones. I do not do drugs, gambling, prostitution, night stand..., I wish you stay away from these.
As a Buddhist, theoretically I should not drink, but in social occasions to drink a little. Don‘t worry, I'm not an alcoholic, no violent after drunk, it's not a good idea because Mongoloid smaller stature than Caucasians. :-)
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Stalin wanted to know the name of a star in the sky, but the former Soviet astronomers were killed off by him, the last one whom saw a car of the Ministry of the Interior (KGB) came to his house downstairs, scared committed suicide, I think this story is about if you do not communicate with others, or can not tolerate the views of others, nobody in your side when you need help. A relationship become worse because of the lack of communication, whether it is between Stalin and astronomers, or about love, marriage.

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