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Все мужчины /  51-80 лет /  Темные шатены /  Голубые глаза /  Нет детей /  Дева /  Доктор наук /  Христианин /  Не курит /  Иногда / 

Канада /  Calgary, Alberta /  David, 51

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ID 29276
Типаж 180 см
100 кг
Голубые глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Кандидат наук
Работа Banker
О себе Дева
Не курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 27-35 лет
I am a soft-spoken, masculine, man, with big shoulders and a broad chest, who has enjoyed much in life. But, I am alone sometimes lonely….and would like to change all that. I have been a Warrior... a Scholar...and now a Banker. I am a straight arrow, but have a great imagination. I can be quiet at first but I am at my natural and playful best when I get to know you. I am true to my friends. I like reading well-written, old books …. close friends ….blazing fireplaces … comfortable leather chairs ..deep-dish pizza in Chicago… photography… .jumping out of airplanes ….gourmet cooking ….clear blue skies ….wild blueberries ….faithful dogs…Knightly & Cossack Ideals...Dinner at Maxim’s in Paris.…warm-blooded thoroughbred horses ….My Mother’s Ukrainian Varenyky and Cabbage Rolls… old Port Wine….older cheese ….sailing on a clear sunny day with the wind in my face ….poetry ….sunflowers ….the sweet smell of sage in the desert in the springtime …monster hamburgers at Rocky’s in San Diego ….singing Irish rebel songs ….attending Regimental Dinners ….Australian wine ...ein grosse bier in Munchen ….Spicy Thai Food ….the smell of the ocean …sunsets ….the first snow fall of winter..

I dream of meeting a feminine girl of crystalline inner beauty, someone who loves to dance in the moonlight ...stay up all night ....dream under the stars ....walk barefooted with me on the beach at day break ...a girl who loves children, [and wants to have several], to be the "Protectress of our Castle & Clan" while I am away fighting my "battles" away from home and especially a girl who will always have a soft, warm corner in her heart for little puppies...someone who values cultural and family traditions ….A natural girl, with a beautiful smile, and laughing eyes... a modern girl with old fashioned virtues who is a little devilish when the spirit moves her ...…..A girl who comes from a healthy family of pure Ukrainian Christian heritage and anscestry.

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