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Германия /  Near Köln And Frankfurt /  Tomaso, 49

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ID 283309
Типаж 178 см
73 кг
Карие глаза
Семейное положение Разведен, один ребенок
Образование Незаконченное высшее
О себе Скорпион
Не религиозен
Не курю
Не пью
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 18-52 лет
Attention! Attention!

Since, it here on the Internet - Platform are many FAKES, I will ask you one or two Mails over your privat Mail, and will pay, by the agency,for your private Eamil address.

I have no time, for fake women on this page !!!
Pleace write,when you are real,and know what you want :shock: :!:

I am REAL !!! I hope you too!!

-------------------------- -------------

Hello :-) My hobbies are you, when you want, Erotic & Sex, tenderness, devotion, play an important role for me in a healthy, loving, honest, relationship:-)

And my sweety son, he is 4 Years old and live whit me .

Then come`s good eat: Asia,Iatli,Sea fut and more. Travel or day traveling, Music,City of inspections whit my Dream women:-))

I have a Dog,
Car restoration, Sport, Theater, Movies, Vacation, Excursions, Nature,

Computers,House Decoration, Cinema, Music,travel,Weekend travel,I like sun Mountains, (I live in sweet Mountains :-)...)

Beach or the Winter with much snow in the nature, but sometimes longer with you at the weekend in bed;-) talk, cuddle more,more,more ....

oh, what do you like ???? What wish do you from me ;-)

What`s your dream for our or your live?

My match :-))Ok,I have been given birth in Germany. And with German parents my physical parents are German and from France. Buts about this later. I have a good Job. My character :-) About himself to talk is difficult. I am an easy-going and cheerful Man. I am a big optimist:-). I thing i am honest, fair, sincere, calm, with good sense of humor, cheerful, energetic, homebody,out door not allways, careful, tactful, reliable, friendly, smart, understanding (absolutely a have my not so good site too :-))... Children (my Children):-) I want a love happy family. I would like or i wish looks for a real sweety, kind, decent,love full ones for me sexy women....a woman who does not see sex as a work or joker.
Sex belongs to it to an honest affectionate respect(relation) quite of course(naturally) reliable and educated women, to start for a new chapter...

in good or not so good Times in the life! I live with my son in a 200m2 - 260m2 house with a big 3000 m2 garden by Köln but we are in Hamburg too. I comes from Hamburg ---

I don’t look for any Woman for just for fun or joke!! I looks for mine finally dream woman. I also have my past....which some women come before. But now I search the only one, she make me happy. And I them (her)--I hope :-)).
It is not important for me, you are rich or poor. Or you have a good or bad job. The main thing is, you are most acly honestly and naturally! Do you like it more?

I search the woman who is really ready to provide for the family which can also drop itself! I want to see the naturalness in my woman. Nice is nice, but is not necessarily true or honest.
Do you can again super large fall in love?

Of course I look - for me - woman clarifies sexily. But to a nice intelligent woman.... the beauty also comes from the inside too.... the aura

as you see, I also like with pleasure the entertainment :-) let it do myself :-) rrr :-))

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