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ID 282010
Типаж 173 см
91 кг
Карие глаза
Семейное положение Холост, двое детей
Образование Магистр
Работа Teacher
О себе Телец
Не курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 18-40 лет
I am an idealistic, romantic, poet, and musician jjajjaa a little crazy.

I think the great friendships born of shared activities, the litle thing of live day by day and step by step the bonds of trust are created and why not say one day we discover us together as great friends, companions in life , simple and happy lovers.

I am a man of one word, direct and simple. My priority is family, I look for a woman whom create together our family. Would you like the idea?


What to look us in the eyes we can see something of ourselves

Your really part of me in you and I will see something of me in you, in complicity

Because we do not belong in property

but for that we give free

My truth is so simple

you will know that already love you as you are,

and not necessary to change anything.

your well be my best truth

When i hear your voice

I will be calm in desperate anxiety.

When i hear your voice,

I’ll be safe in my refuge, my truth.

No longer worry me my faults,

because you loved me as I am

I no longer hide my virtues

to my inconsistencies will forgive.

Then our truth will be simple

both will be free to love.

Then our souls will be filled to overflowing.

not hurt the emptiness and loneliness

by mercilessly devour without looking

and you feel that despite some damage

our souls overflow with happiness

This world tour without stopping

tomorrow our dreams change

and our souls overflow with happiness

because we love free

Thanks to everyone with whom I lived,

alive and I will live that look of complicity

Thank you for being my truth

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