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John, 56

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О себе Лев
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Computer games interests me.
My favourite food is some sliced raw tomato with fried potato chips
using extra virgin olive oil with salt with bread.
Also I like
on the potato chips fried with
extra virgin olive oil with bread yummy.
I like stuff to be clean.
I treat all creatures the same whether they be a man or insect or other.
I am not married.
I do not smoke.
I rarely drink alcohol.
I sort of like playing chess. I beat the computer at chess.
I do not want children.
I do not want to fall in love.
I think I may need to pay money to buy stuff to enable me to back up some computer games.
Cryonics suspension interests me.
I expect to go into Cryonics suspension I think sort of forty years from now.
Cryonics suspension is according to the internet about staying
alive forever.
I have a sister who seems to be confused like most people I think LOL.
I know I think a lot of fighting seems to be going on
in the east of Ukraine.
I think I like some of the movie called
DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES from the year 1967 .
I think I like some of the movie called
A KIND OF LOVING from the year 1962 .
I think I like some of the TV programme called
THE AVENGERS with Emma Peel and John Steed.
I think I like the game called chess.
I think sort of a lot of people are confused which
is why I do not speak much in a crowd.
I moved to a new address which is at Plzen Czech Republic.
I live sort of near the main railway station which has lots of shops around it.
I think my height is about 5 foot 7 inches.
I think I weigh about 9 stone.
I think I may want to rent a place at Mexico City otherwise
I may want to rent a place at Russia.

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