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ID 273984
Работа Security manager
О себе Овен
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 30-50 лет
I seek a woman who is domineering commanding in my relationship at all times. I like to worship the woman I am with and do all the housework for her. I like to be ordered about and I will do what ever I am told to without question. I like to dress you and a woman that can be totally selfish in her needs. I think a good relationship is based on female supremacy over the male. I wonder if you agree with this or not?

As I believe it shows total devotion to you and your domineering role within the relationship. I also enjoy doing everything for the woman and do so willingly and without question. As I give total love to you and all that you need.

If you are really interested in this sort of relationship then please reply and I will tell you more about you and why you would like this sort of total devotion? I am 50 years old and enjoy my job

Bernie xx

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