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ID 268433
Типаж 185 см
84 кг
Черные глаза
Семейное положение Холост, двое детей
Работа Business owner
Желаемый возраст избранницы 25-55 лет
О себе Весы
Не курю
Не пью

My Star Sign is Libra, a lot of people believe astrology, me too. My personality and character match it very much, it is interesting, I have two boys, they are twins(same face), their Star Sign is Gemini(twins). I like sports. I was basketball and volleyball players in high school and institute(university). I like run, I like bicycle, once I rode bicycle for 8 hours(a little bit crazy), I like music, I like books.

I am a realist with romantic and idealistic mind. I am honest, faithful, reliable, responsible and hardworking. I like to pursue the balance, I dislike extreme behavior. I like to make peace and fair, I dislike doing things violently, hate lies and ugly unfair things. I always think that every thing has its limit, if over limit, the good thing maybe change into the bad thing. I believe that similar values and matching personalities are the essential factors to a successful relationship, these are important features of a soulmate relationship. There are always good days and bad days in the life, the soul-mate relationship is able to help them going through the bad days, they can conquer the difficulties, and then their relationship is going to be tighter and tighter, stronger and stronger.

I am looking for and waiting for a lady, she should be gentle, caring, understanding, she really wants to establish a family, she loves family and kids. I desire that we build a strong family and sweet family life together, I will be her strong backing and help her to achieve her dreams. We know that both of us have the key to open the heart of each other, and we can all listen to the voice of each other's souls. We can encourage and support each other to do the most passionate and meaningful things, let us becoming the highest version of ourselves. I have a wish, I hope to have a travel around world with my life partner in the future.

Thank you for browsing my profile. Here are a few old music, I like them, try listening, maybe you also like them. For some reasons, I may not be able to reply to your letter, I beg your pardon. Thanks to this website for letting us from the distant different countries to meet here together.









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