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Македония /  Skopje /  Filip, 37

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ID 264180
Типаж 190 см
95 кг
Карие глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Бакалавр
Работа Unemployed
О себе Стрелец
Не курю
Не пью
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 18-35 лет
Greetings!The most important thing about me and my character worth mentioning is that i have a good soul,worm,carring,supportive,honest and reliable man and a true shelter for a ladies who are in need of beeing protected and their man is like a rock,breathing only for the one he cherishes.Oh,and did i mentioned that i speak russian without accent and pronounsiation,at least thats what russian people told me when i was studying at the univeristy in Moscow but anyhow i sure could use some practise.I am afraid that my description doesnt become only sweettalking so i encourage all the ladies who might be interested in me to have a conversation and know me better,discover what kind of a man i am.One of my greatest pasions in life is learning foreign languages.At the moment i am learning chinese language and hope to go to China and get some knowledge there so i can fulfill my dream and become chinese teacher in my country.As for the girl and my expectations it might sounds unmodest but i would really like the girl to be pretty at least in the face,she doesnt have to be a model ofcourse...And a good person,kind and honest.I sincerely hope that i am not exaggerateing with my wishes and hope that the right person will appear.

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