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США /  Modesto /  Revv, 54

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ID 220665
Типаж 178 см
93 кг
Карие глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Средне-специальное
Работа Security administrator
Желаемый возраст избранницы 18-22 лет
О себе Козерог
Не курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями

Do you know what photos of you I look? Ask me in quick chat and I will tell you the number from left to right, k? Let’s be interactive in such ways! You want to see what my thoughts of have become...so I will always read your opening chat invite! I will write you a letter and respond to your chat invite there sometimes! You should be able to feel my care and allure for you. ONLY if you can feel same, then it is positive sign we are meant to be together. When I take my clothes off, I do not want anyone else to see me! When you take your clothes off, I want to be the only one you’ll want seeing you! For now others are allowed to view some special photos, but pledge to me after we marry all your photos here and online will be removed, da? I am American from California in city of Modesto. I can read your chat lines! So many ask me what I desire and how I like a woman to become with me... It is simple and bold! The woman knows when give her my attention. I want her smile so close to me. Our lips touching is how we should feel and desire!

We need to live together peacefully... Will you? If you were my supermodel now, then would you cease to please all others and be my one and only secret model!? My hair will not always be here, my teeth will not either, and my looks will fade before yours! So, will you still be able to love me and be faithful with sincerity? Most young men will retain their hair for an expected 15 years after marriage, but I will lose mine in maybe 5 years. I have all my teeth now, but I only have maybe 10 years left. And my looks...oh my goodness, I have all ready lost my looks years ago! So how do you know you will be able to love me with cherish heat and sincere happiness when these things occur? I want woman only to love me for true love, not for riches! Such women who seek fortune will constantly be seeking and never find! I am poor here in America, but I Make enough money, enough to care for my future wife and a modest family. Compared to upper-middle class, I am poor and have happy life!

I am simple, modest man. I have some weakness as all people do, but I like most when my manner is in peace. All you need to do is move here or visit me on travel visa! Then we will hold hands as friends with hope for chemistry! You will stay with me. I will not violate your innocence. But we will stay as it will become in marriage! Just for as long as we can be strong, but promise yourself that you not ever marry just for k?! The living day to day together is what we need to see with wide eyes how we cherish each other! Never fake this test, it is your test, too! So be grouchy girl, cute girl, loud girl, whatever you need to be free and happy girl for you while you stay with me! Your travel visa will expire too fast, so we need to see what our normal, less than perfect and typical behavior. The love will not run deeply in such quick time, so do not worry about feelings, more consider your personal respect! Do you feel at home with me with sense of rest and peaceful life!? And remember me...

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