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был онлайн более года назад
ID 217926
Dr amitava,42-1
Типаж 166 см
63 кг
Черные глаза
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Бакалавр
Работа Medical officer (dental) healt
Желаемый возраст избранницы 18-35 лет
О себе Козерог
Другая вера
Иногда курю
Не пью

Hi,I am a bengali "thinker"... Ukraine woman are very beautiful, probably best looking and obviously thats one of the reasons I am seeking one cute girl from there for marriage,, but that’s not the prime reason..

I had few girl friends locally and I must quote - "very bad experiences".


May be that was me?!! Who Was too complicated and less understandable for them?

I am a dentist,so I must accept things positive and scientifically but sometimes I find myself a dreamer... specially whenever I compose my own songs ..Suddenly awake alone at middle of the night...strat play piano or guitar and music just rush through my blood stream.. i can’t stop me that time to express myself on the papers...deep in darkness..

I need a woman who will understand me,stay with me for ever....

I would love her like a baby crying for warmth...

I want my own big family so one day me and she would recall those happy past days..

I am well settled professionally or financially--blah blah.......because my dad have left assets behind?? .. But I get scared often,,"what is the use" ??? if life goes like this?? Alone!!

I need to trust a woman but confused due to some old scary-tale once I believed so... .

(amju at hush male koom)

Don’t you think I am stupid? Emotional? Not suite for survival rule..

That’s why I need someone to trust, surrender my ego for respect with respect..

I cant repeat this all time .. I can’t restore my heart again and again..

I am looking for those end pages of fairytale, so I can start living till the end..

Born nude again-pure soul,, making each night as "honeymoon"night with my wife!!!!

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