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Великобритания /  London /  Russell, 49

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ID 208244
Типаж 185 см
84 кг
Голубые глаза
Семейное положение Разведен, один ребенок
Образование Средне-специальное
Работа It software
О себе Весы
Не религиозен
Не курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 30-35 лет
I’m confident, enthusiastic, I love life and love living it. The outdoors, travel, restaurants, laughing, theatre, skiing, swimming, socialising and meeting great people. On the flip side I’m also happy wrapped up in a good book, lazing about in my pyjamas, good music or just great conversation. I’ve been told I’m funny and clever, but that was by my niece when she was 10, does that still count?

I’m from the UK and now live just outside London

Love, passion, honesty, loyalty and intelligence are important to me. I am here to meet someone for a life long relationship, to start a family and live a wonderful life. Is that you? Write to me, with all the profiles on this site, I may miss you!

If you are a genuine person and are looking for an honest man, don't read any further :)

To all the scam artists.... I have worked online for over 20 years, there is no scam that will catch me out. I can spot a fake profile with ease. I will not send money for your sick mother, I will not take you on a shopping spree, pay for translation services, for an apartment or taxi, for your visa, or your cat that is unwell lol! So, don't waste your time or more importantly mine. I will ask to speak to you on skype and that usually does it for the fake profiles. Go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under!

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