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Иран /  Zanjan /  Ahmad, 48

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был онлайн более года назад
ID 198723
Типаж 173 см
61 кг
Другой цвет глаз глаза
Семейное положение Холост, один ребенок
Образование Средне-специальное
Работа Techer
О себе Козерог
Другая вера
Регулярно курю
Не пью
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 18-35 лет

God is beautiful and loves beauty of the whole.
Hi Yi beautiful. The woman is a gift of God on earth.
Like a beautiful rose in the ground.
Should he be treated like a flower.
He said the smell. He was stroking. He spoke with love in the arms.
He was with the heart. He kisses her. Put on bed rest.
I sang for him. I told him. His touch. His hair was shoulder.
He said good night. Finally kissed. Slept beside him.
This I believe is about a good woman.
My relationship with my girlfriend.
Working with him to go street walking in the forest.
I kiss her. Tell him you’re my only love in this world.
I stroked her. I comb her hair.
I hug her poetry. I give him a massage.
To take a bath. I washed her. He’d wipe the body hair.
I kiss on her body with my tongue. On her breast. On his feet. On his face. On between her legs.
Tell him every where. I love it all.
Process of sewing pants for him. My sewing skills have a lot of pants.
Take pictures of him. In different models. And he’d installed in all homes.
I always love looking at myself. With him to go buy a house.
He’ll face every day fragrance. To enjoy the kiss to one hundred times.
We go swimming together. In our swimming pool together. We joke with each other.
Hold on to him in the pool. With all the power.
He’ll wet kiss on the lips. I love you. I love you.
Mhrba’m not him. I always smile.
Avhdyh buy each month. Buy gold for him.
I love cooking for Iranian special food.
I help her wash the clothes.
I go into the weekend rotation.
With the drive.
We listened to music together. With the call.
I go to the cinema. We eat chicken in the woods together. Boat ride.
I think nature photography.
Together we will dance competition.
I’ll paint it for him.
And I’ll do anything for my love.

I love you.
Women love men who play with matches.

In real Khrshq man woman.
I will not.
Sex with love is a real pleasure.
I would love my own sex.

I think it is a.
.................................................. ....
I am an arts graduate. Retired teacher. I’m 44 years old
Professional skills in photography.
Menswear in sewing skills. Particularly masculine pants.
Shooting skills.
Fblm making short documentaries.
Special line of Persian calligraphy skills Nstlyq.
My salary is $ 500 per month.
I have a home loan. I have a car.
I have a special interest in writing.
I love acting. I have acting experience.
I’ve taken pictures of Iran Film Award.
Writing is not my imagination.
.................................................. ................................
I only wish to have a Russian girlfriend right.
He is my lover.
I’m in love with him.
We experience life with love.
I hope to God
I am interested to travel to Ukraine.

I’m interested that you can also travel to Iran. Be my guest.
My request is serious.

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