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Дания /  Odense /  Carsten, 45

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ID 181390
Типаж 185 см
86 кг
Зеленые глаза
Светлый шатен
Семейное положение Разведен, трое детей
Образование Магистр
Работа Supply chain manager
О себе Дева
Иногда курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 24-30 лет
I have a standard membership only!

Honestly - I’m a little uncomfortable with this kind of contact. I’ve heard so much on bad from the Internet, on scammers who grossly exploit lonely men.

You are surely a very beautiful woman. Hopefully a woman to my liking

I am divorced father with wonderful, and now living away from home, children. I am fairly new to the game here, but nevertheless, I’m not going to sit passive, while life passes by.

I’m a busy manager - granted - I spend quite some time on my job and I like it. I’m a senior manager in a large danish cooperation. But I miss a real good reason to come home - is it perhaps you?

I also have my own consultancy named Ankida, where I help SME’s connect to superior business performance.

I am convinced that a common set of values, an awareness that there must be time and space for romance, social life, sex and autonomy is essential that together we can succeed ...

• I am probably more hair on the chest (and sometimes cheeks) than an always shaved and styled appearance ..... I try to combine my fairly masculine appearance with both suits and jeans ....

• I am man with M, loves a challenge and to create - and I can be joyfull without being Neanderthal.

• I have more coffee than tea, but I do not go out of the way for a good chai.

• I love a good movie in the cinema, but equally at home - under the blanket with a glass of wine and a soul mate to talk to about the movie. I’m more looking for action and science than reality shows and sex & the city.

• I walk rather than than run - if I must run, there must be a reason ... a ball or you.

• In my fridge you will find more vegetables than meat, but I do not go out of the way of 250 grams grilled steak.

• I like honey melon more than water melon, and I always start the day with fruit - but I’m not fanatical (I weigh despite all 89 well distributed kg).

Age is not so significant for me and therefore I will not let me limit of either + or -. The key must be chemistry and a common set of values.

There is much more I want to hear, tell and show you - I hope you’re still interested and curious?!

My favorite quote:

"When at long last you reach your goal,

You may be tired weak and completely exhausted.

But one little word and all the hardship is forgotten;


I do seek my partner for life - a sweet, outspoken girl who knows herself and her wishes - and I’ll fill in the rest. It is essential to me that we share dialogue and plenty of togetherness - but also freedom to be at peace with oneself. I would love to spoil you with words, love and surprises.

And you do exist! A sweet, feminine, delicious and fairly slim woman, to share thoughts and look forward to - and much more ... I welcome the challenge of romantisizing a woman who can make her own living. A woman who is conscious of body and soul.

I need a cute and outspoken girl who can give me intelligent opposition, surprises and intensity in everything we together are doing. I seek closeness, chemistry, intensity and confidentiality in a nice agreement of interaction between two lovers.

I think we can fill up my/your desires for confidentiality, great togetherness, conversation and dialogue on a wide range of subjects; travel, relationships and fun ideas.

It does not hurt either if the twinkle I see in your eyes, is a twinkle of desire and attraction towards me. Naturally intimacy and body turn on will also be very important to me, if we are to share a future. I know what I want and desire, and I will need to be sure of this important side of a relationship as well. I’m sure you understand, and have the same wish?!




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