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Hello such.

I’m from Mexico.

It is difficult to really talk about the characteristics of one but I think I am including:

Serious person.

Good friend, I like to support and assist those in need.

I like sports, it is important for me to be healthy and fit.

I like to laugh and have fun with friends.

I think I have a very good mood.

I do not like violence, I prefer the talk and reach a satisfactory settlement.

I love the children, and pets, especially dogs.

I consider myself easy, for me the simple things are best rather than the elaborate. The simple details are much better for me.

I appreciate the sincerity.

To me respect is crucial, always promotes it as my parents taught me.

For me every woman, regardless of their appearance, nationality, race, color, only by virtue of being a woman, deserves my respect, deserves the utmost care.

No complications

Sense of simplicity, the essential

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