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Канада /  Campbellton /  Gordon, 60

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ID 126009
Типаж 171 см
66 кг
Черные глаза
Семейное положение Разведен, двое детей
Образование Магистр
Работа School director/sports coach
О себе Весы
Не курю
Не пью
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 25-44 лет
Caio, bonjour, salum alykum, ya ho ma, guten tag, buenos dias, konnichiwa, tansai, dobri den, privet....My family and 2 grown up sons and closest friends describe me as..... self assured . confident not conceited even a bit eccentric and eclectic which means no boredom, often spontaneous,kind and witty laughs but think for sure I am...almost 75% Mr. Right & Mr Nice Guy( the last 25% you and I can work to improve myself with your help.....da) with touch of class ...above average in "all" of life...looks, body fitness, brain,tender heart, personality,refined,earthy, well educated, profession, $$$, respect, compassion, passion, emotions, laughs, cries, easy going, hopeless romantic, open mind, no boredom, witty 2 way communication, sports, live music, world travel,art decor, house design, cooking, flower gardening, witty humor plus more but most important financial stable and 100% zest and high energy to live life and love to fullest . I always wear the 4 L’s... loyalty,laughs,life,love ...on my sleeves often with random acts of kindness and compassion.....These main passions give balance/fung shui to my lifestyle harmony...1) to travel the world / to camp near nature ,mountains,lakes,waterfalls...2) to enjoy live music,comedy,theatre concerts...3) to play many sports for healthy fitness and diet lifestyle and fun...4) to design house art decor...5)to cook and taste exotic foods...6) to be kind to pets and animals..7) to design landscape gardens... 8) to engage in 2 way open and respect communication. Can you keep this challenge and high energy lifestyle pace with me ?? ..I have prior traveled to Ukraine...looking for love in all the right or wrong places..many dates during 3 trips but ??? all ladies liked my charismatic, witty humor and sports and world traveller adventures character....especially playing Santa Claus ....Ded Moroz as hockey player and as skier and for my church children’s Christmas party.. and my high energy, youthful ,mystique, spontaneous and fun personality but nobody has won my heart....maybe my standards or expectations are too high. Still, my friends and family say I am a very good "catch" for some lucky lady. Is it YOU ??? Are you 10000% serious with strong, deep inner beauty with moral life and family values...to travel with ready passport..... to share the journey of life and love..to respect and to be respected...to love and to be loved ....to be or not to be...is it to be with you??.....Are you aged between 26yrs to 44yrs...intermediate to advanced English levels. non smoker... with an adventurer spirit of "life" sporty, healthy fitness lifestyle personality, must weigh under 120 lbs...be slim or athletic figure...no "gold digger" type. please. contact me at ..school director & sports coach in Canada
I am a hopeless "romantic" type..can you imagine us(I can easily make true later)...we are riding our horses along a deserted, sandy beach ..later cozy by beach campfire..star up at the stars. In winter..I ski,snowboard,hockey & bowling& billards.In summer, I tennis,bike,kayak,volleyball,make garden flowers,camp,fish,wind surf. ?? Are you a hopeless romantic like me. ?? My house is just 3 minutes walk to beach or forest...
.... contact me at PS Ever date,ski,kayak,dance or kiss a Santa Claus and Ded Moroz ? Also wish to marry 10 times in 10 years in 10 exotic places..will you join me..confused or laughing or both at this unique...1 of a kind proposal in the world...same as me...unique and mystique ...1 of a kind ??? to respect and to be respected...to love and to be loved....to be or not to be...you decide your future destiny ?? with me...holding ours hands along the journey of life and love...great memories..no regrets,, never looking back..da ........from aka Santa Claus ...Ded Moroz ...Gordon in PS will visit soon .. 1st meeting/letter will predict our fate and journey... I feel compassion for the unrest in Ukraine. Canada is a safe,kind and peaceful country....PS Is it ok if Mr Bean & Forest Gump chaperone us on 1st date also if I can bring my Harry Potter broom in case I need to escape from you..fast ????

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