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был онлайн более года назад
ID 107543
Danny boy,46-1
Danny boy,46-2
Danny boy,46-3
Danny boy,46-4
Типаж 173 см
73 кг
Другой цвет глаз глаза
Темный шатен
Семейное положение Холост, детей нет
Образование Бакалавр
Работа Other
О себе Лев
Иногда курю
Выпиваю в компании с друзьями
Познакомлюсь с девушкой в возрасте 19-42 лет
I am a caring, loyal loving, and Affectionate man. Seeking my life partner. I am very sincere, communicative, expressive person. Very loyal by nature. Believe in monogamy, and have strong christian beliefs. I dont suffer fools gladly though, and never tolerate being taken for granted. Pretty impatient with some things also. I have always liked to help others. Very protective if those I hold dear, and love.. Various times it has been so, that only I stopped to help someone in distress, or an animal, whilst others just pass on by. Something I have never quite understood. I am just that sort of person. Obviously, within reason.

I am sensitive by nature, and cant stand lies and betrayal. A passionate person also. I love to do the small but really important things for my lady, like some nice flowers, run her a hot bath full of bubbles and aromatherapy oils, breakfast in bed, or foot massage after " one of those days". I have received loads of letters on other sites , talking as though only they would do such things only for me. WhIch is nonsense of course. Its shared efforts in a relationship, respect, and compromise when needed. And to be there for each other, to encourage when things are good, and lift up when she is blue. Of course I love foot massage, etc, also).

I cannot upload my photo yet,as they are disabled on android smartphones, where I type now. Awkwardy,+ Slowly type(. Keyboard so awkward to use(. Upload them at earliest opportunity.

I hate so much typing, frankly, but I do so to describe as much as possible. I Hope its helpful that I did.

I Seek Loving,very Affectionate Woman Loves Lots Warm Cuddles & Soft Kisses. And Loves To Give And Receive ,loving, Affectionate, Sensual Massage. With Aromatherapy Oils, Like Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Etc,etc. I Love This, Personally, To Give +receive, But Of Course, Not To Just Anyone,for Sure. Only The Lady I Love With All My Heart, And Who Loves Me Likewise.

I Cant Imagine My Life, With My Future Wife, Without This Playing A Central Role. I Love Massage, And Have Always Been Told I Am Extremely Good. I Dont Like Saying This, As I Am Naturally Very Modest, And Play Down Compliments. But This Is What Others Say.

A Lady Who Adores Lovely Walks In Nature, Hand In Hand, And Warm Cozy Nights, Cuddling On Our Sofa, Watching A Good Movie. Or Talking About Our Dreams, Reading, Or Listening To Relaxing Music Together. Totally Happy In Each Others Company.

And If She Loves Animals This Would Be Nice Also. I Love These Things. One Who Believes In Honesty,fidelity, And Communication About Everything In A Relationship. I Am Very Serious, 1 Of My Dreams For Us, Is To Live In A Beautiful Part Of The Mediterranean, When We Find Each Other. Buy Our Home There, In Warm Sunny Climate, By The Lovely Mountains. Right Near Nature, And Lovely Natural Spas. It Will All Depend Upon, Whether We Find Each Other Before Tve Economic Crisis, Much More. I Have Heard Very Many, Very Alarming Predictions, From Economic Experts Who Have Never Been Wrong. I Wish To Find Her As Soon As Possible, So We Do Not Miss This Great Opportunity. I Hear People In The West Constantly Say, They Wish And Dream To Do This. But Cannot Do So For Financial Reasons, And Commitments. But We Can Do This, If She Is Ready For Action. If Course, I Hope She Would Love This Also, But If Not, As Long As We Have Much Love, Strong+ Deep,bond.

We Can Only Make This Work, By Trust, Teamwork,+ Sharing Cost Of Visa. Trust Is The Hard Part For Me, On Internet. So Write Me If You Are Such A Lady, And I Look Forward To Reading Your Open And Frank Words, With Pleasure. If You Seek The Same Things+ Are Ready To Take Our Chance. I Think We Should Have Direct Contact By Email, And Phone. I Think Its Important To Hear Voice.

I have always been told that I Look Much Younger, And I Am Quiet And Serious Nature In General. Except With Those Close To Me. The Bottom Line, Is Love, Which I Am Ready To Give, And Receive. The Best Love Of My Life So Far.

I Come From A Good Christian Family, Known For Their Kindness And Welcoming Attitude. I See Them Very Regularly. I Prefer A Petite Lady, 4’11~5’7. But Its become Quite Clear To Me So Far, That This May Be Irrelevant. Again, The Bottom Line Is Love, And Strong Foundations.

I Have Many Favorite Quotes, And One Of Them Is:

"if You Believe You Can. Or That You Cant. Either Way, You Are Right."

If We Believe We Can Succeed And Overcome The Hurdles We Face, To Gain A Visa, We Can Succeed. By Mutual Efforts.

I Do Not Really Seek A Woman Who Does Not Want Her Own Job, Or Pursue Her Chosen Career. I Have Invested Well, For My Future. And Our Future. It Cannot Be Accessed Until We Are Together. I think its good & Important you know, I have small but very promising investment, nit long started, in the Crimea region. And you should know, you wilk be made so very welcome in the uk by me and my relatives, that words cant express. Abd my home will be your home, from day 1, to relax and be yourself, always. I Am Very Much Against Costly Communication, Which Almost All Sites, Capatalise On, And Ruin Many Peoples Dreams. Especially to do so In These Times Of Such Severe Crisis, And Considering Visa Etc. I am pleased to see some sites though, that offer more sensibly priced services. I Think Its Very Sensible To Do Things Responsibly, As We Will Very Much Need All I Have Invested So Hard For, Over Many Years. Its Wise To Ensure The Best For Our Future, And To Not Get In Debt To The Internet, For Simply Having Our Communication. This Is Also How I Have Been Raised, By Mum Only, Until She Remarried Again. I Have Also Had The Very Bad Experiences, If Being Scammed And Lied To, Which I Notified The Authorities About. It has Dented My Faith And Confidence alot, and caused alot of unnecessary harm, I Will Admit. I Dont Understand What Is Wrong With Some People In This World, To Do Such Things. I Think Its Very Sad.

My Circumstances Are Such, That My Relatives Have Seen Me Suffer Much From Severe Fibromyalgia. There is an epidemic of this in the modern world, sadly. Has been Very Hard To Accommadate, Especially As I Have Always Been Active Type, Who Played Badminton, Squash, Etc, In Leagues. I Am Recovering From This Well, But It Requires Some More Time. I Really Need Her Understanding About This, And Her Encouragement. With This, I Am Positive I Will Recover Fully, much Quicker. It Has Tested Me Beyond Anything I Could Imagine. But Makes One An Even Stronger And Compassionate Person. :)

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